Special Education

We strive to meet the individual needs of all our students. We invite you to join us in serving your children so that, together, we can guide them to reaching their greatest potential.


Programs designed to meet the educational needs of children with autism provide a structured teaching approach to learning. As with any student qualifying for special education services, the Individual Education Plan (IEP) will direct the program. Special attention is paid to skills in the following domains: communication, social, academic, daily living, independence, sensory-motor, and vocational. Services to students with autism are offered in a continuum of environments ranging from full access to the general education classroom to a self-contained class; placement is based on individual student needs. Intensive early intervention is a priority.

Deaf/Hard of Hearing

This programming serves students from Preschool through 12th grade with hearing loss and whose needs require intensive services by teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing, audiologists, speech/language therapists, and mental health staff. Educational interpreters and tutor-notetakers are available to support student learning.

Learning Disabled (L.D.) Grades K-12

This programming located in each school assists the student in developing skills and learning behaviors which enable him/her to benefit from the general education program. Special education services are provided in various ways: direct instruction, co-teaching, consultation, and materials modification as identified on the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Significant Emotional Disorders (SED)

This programming is for students who may have a significant identifiable emotional disorder that affects their ability to function within a general school environment or access the general curriculum and whose academic achievement is hindered by pervasive behavioral or emotional problems. Social/emotional services are offered in a continuum of environments ranging from full access to the general education classroom to a self-contained class; placement is based upon individual student needs as determined by the student’s IEP.

Significant Support Needs — Grades K-12

These programs offer special education and related services for students with severe developmental delays in multiple areas, such as cognitive, speech/language, and motor delays. Instruction focuses on the individual educational needs of the student, guided by Expanded Benchmarks and Access skills as a foundation for the student's IEP goals and objectives. These programs are geographically located within neighborhood schools throughout the district.

Child Find (Birth to 2) - Special Education Evaluation

Child Find provides free developmental assessments for young children from birth to 2 years of age for whom there may be concerns. Child Find can help families determine if their child is eligible for special education services in the areas of learning, speech, language, motor skills, and social/emotional needs. Contact Child Find at 1-800-543-3098.

Early Childhood Special Education Services

A continuum of preschool programming is provided to meet the needs of children ages 3 and 4. Children identified with special needs can receive special education and related services at our district preschool sites in an integrated service delivery model. For children who need more intensive services in a smaller classroom setting, there are several classrooms available across the district. Children who require multiple supports, including medical needs, may receive services in preschool classrooms. Families moving into the district with an IEP for their preschool child should contact Child Find Intake at 256-552-4637 for assistance with a preschool program.