Child Nutrition Program

Every child will receive a breakfast and lunch at no cost through School Year 2021-2022!

This has been made possible due to an extension of the USDA Seamless Summer Option waiver.

Unfortunately, our food vendor, Wood Fruitticher, has been experiencing outs and shortages due to food supply issues.

Due to this, menus for the system or by school have to be adjusted to serve the food received or substituted. Please know that we are doing the best that we can to serve what is on the menu. When that is not possible, students will continue to receive meals that will meet all state and federal requirements.

Proven Fact: A hungry child cannot learn! Proper nutrition is fundamental for the success of academic programs.

Child nutrition programs are an integral part of the school environment. Nutrition influences a child’s development, lifelong health status, and potential for learning. We strive to protect the health and well-being of our children and to help them succeed in the classroom by providing balanced and nutritious meals served in a courteously and friendly atmosphere in a sanitary dining environment.

To help ensure our students receive those necessary nutritious meals, Decatur City Schools Child Nutrition Program offers breakfast and lunch on a daily basis in each of our 17 cafeterias.

Parents are encouraged to support the Child Nutrition Program because these meals:

  • Provide children vitamins, minerals and calories

  • Offer parents a convenient and affordable way to provide for their children

  • Improve learning ability and classroom behavior among students

  • Meet USDA Nutrition Standards

  • Include whole grains, fruits, vegetables and dairy

  • Offer a wide variety of vegetables weekly, such as dark green, red/orange, and legumes

If you have any suggestion or questions with the Child Nutrition Program, please contact the Child Nutrition Manager of your child's school or contact Devin Williamson, Child Nutrition Program Supervisor, at or by phone at 256-560-6801.

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