For the health and wellness of all students and families, parents and guardian are strongly encouraged to personally transport his or her child to and from school.

  • The student is required to wear a face-mask covering while being transported.

  • Any refusal by the student to wear a face-mask covering, obey the driver, or adhere to guidelines and rules may result in the student losing transportation privileges and he or she cannot ride the bus.

Bus stops generally are at least a half-mile from elementary schools, one-mile from the middle schools, and two miles from the high schools. 

To ride a bus, a student must have a completed Bus Rider Registration.  Click and complete the Bus Rider Registration attachment or obtain a registration from the school. 

It is best to return the registration directly to the bus driver the first time the student rides. Of course, the registration could be returned to the school. 

Click on the student’s school for bus route arrival and departure times.

Students should be at bus stops at least ten minutes before the scheduled time.

A student will not be allowed to ride a bus unless the Bus Rider Registration is completed and returned. 

Because of the seriousness of our times and the vulnerabilities related to the virus, it is critical that students adhere strictly to the transportation guidelines and directions of the school bus driver by social distancing as practical, remain seated in his or her assigned seat, and not touching others.

The Bus Rider Commandments

  • Thou Shalt Remain Seated

  • Thou Shalt Not Touch Others

  • Honor Others By Being Kind and Respectful

  • Thou Shalt Value the Opportunity to Ride A Bus to Learn at School