New teachers, new school year

By Elizabeth Gentle, Director of Communications

Meg Boston is a kindergarten teacher at Banks-Caddell Elementary School. She's looking forward to meeting her new students on August 5th.

"I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. I'm just really grateful to be at this point and have this opportunity to be here at Banks-Caddell," said Meg Boston, first-time teacher.

Meg is a first-time teacher. She graduated with a degree in December. Meg isn't new to the classroom setting, though. She served as a substitute teacher before deciding to go full-time.

Meg is busy making sure her classroom is bright and welcoming for the young minds that will fill the empty seats in her room.

"Everyone remembers their first year in kindergarten. I just hope to make it a really good one, really make my students feel important and excited about learning."

Everywhere you turn inside Meg's classroom there are shelves and baskets stacked with books, one of the most important tool's in any teacher's arsenal to get students on the same page when it comes to reading.

"I think it's really important to lay the foundation for reading, the love of reading, that can be applied to all subjects. It's my main goal this year to instill that love of learning and reading in my students," said Boston.

While the clock ticks down to the start of school, Meg hopes this new learning year will be outstanding for everyone at Decatur City Schools.