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Pre-Kindergarten Program

Parents, School Readiness is essential to the success of our students. Decatur City schools currently offer Title I pre- kindergarten classes to all four year olds residing within the following school zones:

-Austinville Elementary

-Banks-Caddell Elementary

-Frances Nungester Elementary

-Oak Park Elementary

-West Decatur Elementary

-Woodmeade Elementary

All Preschool age children residing in the school attendance area will be selected by the use of multiple, educationally related, objective criteria, such as teacher judgment, interviews with parents, and developmentally appropriate measures of child development, to determine those preschool children most in need who will be serviced.

Additionally, five elementary schools offer pre-kindergarten classes for students that are funded by the Office of School Readiness. Students are selected for this program by a drawing. The schools that have this program are:

-Benjamin Davis Elementary

-Chestnut Grove Elementary

-Eastwood Elementary

-Frances Nungester Elementary

-Woodmeade Elementary

Presently, the Imagine It! Curriculum is in use for Title I classes, for OSR Pre-K the curriculum in use is Creative Curriculum. The Imagine It! K-3 Curriculum views children as active learners who learn best when they themselves plan, carry out, and reflect upon activities. Teaching staff observe, support, and extend children’s activities by maintaining a daily routine that permits children to learn actively and construct their own knowledge; arranging instructional activity centers in the classroom to provide learning experiences in math, language, science, art, social studies, movement, and music that match children’s activities, asking questions that extend children’s plans, and helping them think; organizing daily small-group instructional workshops involving concepts and skills in all of the content areas; and engaging children in key child development experiences that help them learn to make choices and solve problems. The teacher and a paraprofessional serve as a guide to encourage students to solve their own problems without teacher intervention.