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Programs » Advanced Placement Classes / Dual Enrollment

Advanced Placement Classes / Dual Enrollment

Advanced Placement Classes

The Advanced Placement Program provides high school students with the opportunity to experience college-level studies while they are still in secondary schools. The challenging and thought provoking courses take more time, require more work, and go into greater depth than regular level courses.

In Decatur, the Advanced Placement Program is an integral part of the school system’s instructional program and is valued for its contribution to academic excellence. Students who enroll in advanced placement courses are students who have excelled in a prerequisite course, have a high interest in the subject area, and are planning to attend college. They are students who seek more demanding educational experiences and academic excellence. Many of these students enroll in more than one advanced placement course. However, students who plan to enroll in multiple AP courses in one year should talk with a counselor.

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment/Dual credit is a program that allows eligible high school students to enroll in college classes and to receive both high school and college credit.

Students may only take Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit courses at the postsecondary level under the following circumstances:
1. The student must have a “B” average in completed high school courses;
2. The student has an unresolved schedule conflict and a postsecondary level course will help solve the conflict;
3. The postsecondary level course is a course not offered at the high school; and
4. Expectations may be made on an individual student basis after assessment.

See a high school guidance counselor for more information.