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Decatur City Schools

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Why Choose Decatur?

Why Choose Decatur City Schools?

Decatur is an extremely child-focused community which is revealed strongly in each of its schools. Parents are actively involved in the schools, joined by many of the businesses and industries located in the city. Perhaps what reveals the level of community involvement the most is the level at which Decatur City Schools is funded by the city – Decatur's spending per student is one of the highest in the state, and higher than many places in the nation.

Because of the quality of life…

Decatur has big city conveniences yet a small town feel. It offers outstanding choices in recreation, the arts, and outdoor activities. Its neighborhoods range from new subdivisions, to townhomes, to beautiful historic districts. It is big enough to offer a wide variety of choices in homes, churches and activities, yet small enough that you can drive to any point within city limits in less than ten minutes without fighting traffic. Its temperate climate allows for year round recreation which includes water sports, boating and fishing on the Tennessee River.

Because of its heart…

Newcomers to Decatur quickly discover that Southern Hospitality is not a cliche, it is a way of life. The people of Decatur believe the most important part of any community, no matter how forward thinking or how beautiful, is the heart that is shown through the warmth of its residents. This belief isn't simply expressed–it is lived out. Don't be surprised if neighbors knock on your door with baked goods to welcome you to the neighborhood. Don't be surprised when total strangers wave at you as they drive by.

The people of Decatur have their porch swings dusted off and cool iced tea ready to offer to you. This is your invitation from them to "Come Home to Decatur!"

Because of its recreational opportunities…

Decatur has an abundance of natural resources and a commitment from the city to provide residents with the finest recreational opportunities in the area. The Tennessee River is a favorite destination for fishing, water skiing, and pleasure boating. The city's Point Mallard Park has it all: golf, camping, a water park, ice rink, ball fields and so much more.

Youth sports are a vital and vibrant part of life in Decatur. We have outstanding youth sports programs in a wide variety of sports; we truly have something for everyone!

Because of its housing affordability…

Based on the housing affordability index calculated by the University of Alabama's Real Estate Research and Education Center, Decatur's housing affordability (housing costs vs. average household income) rates Decatur as one of the Countries most affordable cities to own your own home.

Because of its community events…

Ribs by the River. Cajun food, music and fun. A visit to Japan. Riverboats. Travel. Adventure. These are just a few of the events held in Decatur every year that add a unique flavor to our community. Whether it is Daikin's Japanese Festival each fall, or CajunFest, events at the renowned Princess Theatre or a host of other events, Decatur has it all!

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