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Third Graders Tour Decatur Public Library

Over the past month, the 711 third graders in Decatur City Schools have visited the Decatur Public Library to learn more about all of the programs and resources available there. They’re learning that the library has a lot more than books!

When Rhonda Bolan led Austinville Elementary third graders on their tour on Monday, she made a point to show them the computer stations where they could go online to complete homework and assignments for school. “The library isn’t just a place to come and check out books and leave. It’s a place where you can come and do homework or meet your friends or read” Bolan shared.

Faces lit up, and the group let out a gasp when she mentioned the LEGO club that meets at the library twice a month.

In the Youth Services Department, students learned about all the things they can check out with their library cards, from books and DVDs to hand puppets to put on their own puppet shows for younger siblings. They even got to see how to work the library catalogue so that they can always find what they need.

We hope that getting to see the library will get kids excited about going there to find new books to read. We’re lucky to have a public library that offers great programs and resources to the people who live in Decatur!

And the coolest part about what they offer? You never need money for a library program.

Be sure to check out Decatur Public Library.