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Never Stop Learning: DCS Partners with UNA to Provide Higher Education for Teachers

UNA’s College of Education and Human Sciences has partnered with Decatur City Schools in providing incentive for faculty members to obtain higher-level degrees with the benefits of steeply reduced tuition rates and the elimination of unnecessary fees. Participating graduate students in our system have the option to take advantage of payroll deduction to make payment of their tuition expenses—allowing them to avoid making large, lump sum payments. In addition, UNA offers a multitude of programs that are 100% online.

This opportunity applies to educators who are interested in pursuing UNA’s graduate programs including the following:

  • Traditional Master’s Programs—Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education, Collaborative/Special Education, School Counseling, P-12 Music and Physical Education, Secondary Education, Instructional Leadership, and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
  • Additional Class A Certificates—Teaching Fields and Instructional Leadership
  • Education Specialist programs—Elementary Education, Instructional Leadership, Teacher Leader
Representatives from UNA's faculty and graduate enrollment led an information session on the program today at Decatur High School. For more information, contact Ms. Jennifer Murray, Coordinator of Graduate Enrollment and Support at 256.765.4718 or at
We believe in doing what it takes to have great teachers, so we are committed to providing opportunities for growth and professional development like this program.