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Nice to Meet You, Tiffany Spencer!

 Mrs. Spencer is our new Decatur City Schools Principal at Austinville Elementary School. You may already know some impressive facts from her resume, but I bet you didn’t know that she reads Charlie and the Chocolate Factory just because she loves chocolate! I asked Mrs. Spencer some random questions just for fun, and the answers might just make you smile.

Resume highlights:

  • Most recently the Assistant Principal at Francis Marion Elementary School in Perry County
  • Principal for 8 ½ years at a school with very similar demographics to Austinville
  • Wrote 2 Alabama pre-K first class grants which have been approved and are still functioning
  • 100% rate of success with EL learners mastering and exiting program within time limit

What is your favorite book of all time?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, because I just love chocolate! And Mountain Dew.

What is your most embarrassing memory?

Last year I had to sing in front of 70+ strangers (the faculty and staff at my new job) as part of the new employee ritual they always do. But I can’t carry a tune in a bucket! Even though I was nervous, at least I picked a good song: “Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston.

Favorite M&M color:

Red, because it’s my favorite color.

If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be?

 I would love to be my dog, mostly because I know she is spoiled rotten.

If you could relive one grade in school, which one would you choose?

I would relive my senior year in high school. Back then, I didn’t realize how good and easy my life was.

Personal message from Mrs. Spencer:

“This is going to be an amazing year at Austinville. There are no limits to what we can do. We’re moving from ordinary to extraordinary.”